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Alpha Dia

Alpha Dia

Public Figure

Alpha Dia, a 24-year-old Fashion Model from Dakar, Senegal, now lives in Hamburg, Germany – where his main agency, Modelwerk, is based. A public figure who is on catwalks in New York, Milan, and Paris. He has worked with brands like Dolce Gabbana, Prada and Kenzo, and with agencies based in Paris, Milan and Los Angeles.

A model scout approached him in a restaurant in Hamburg and offered him the opportunity to apply to Modelwerk. As a child, he wanted to become a soccer player or an engineer. Soccer is his big passion. “I myself think you should never let others talk you out of your dreams or tell you that you cannot realize what you want to do.

It was exciting growing up with two different cultures. Only the German language was a challenge for me in the beginning. Now I am thankful to have learned so much about life. Also, to be in Senegal during my childhood was important for my own identity.
It is a great motivation for me to make my culture more popular outside of Senegal. It is always a pleasure to leave my Senegalese blueprint in the fashion world.”