STORIES: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility

Chuck Nwachukwu

Chuck Nwachukwu

Founder, LaidBac Lagos

Chuck and the Lagos LaidBac team have built a business around creating societal value for the city of Lagos. In collaboration with his Partners, they have bridged an existing gap in the education of domestic tourists and business travellers as well as helped proliferation of our culture beyond our geographical domain. Lagos LaidBac is known as the official Lagos merchandise and they have succeeded to rekindle a fire for men and women in diaspora who seek to find home via the cultural merchandise the Lagos LaidBac team have curated and manufactured.

In essence the need for the value they have created cannot be over emphasized as passing along our culture down from the older generation to the younger generation is on the decline.

Our vision is dedication to creating urban merchandise and the most epic experiences that promote the cultural values of Lagos.