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Eniola Tito Abumere

Eniola Tito Abumere

Urban Management Enterprises

Eniola Tito (or just ‘Tito’) is a Project Coordinator and Partner at Urban Management Enterprises and a Professional Photographer. Urban Management Enterprises is a media firm that produces audio visual content mainly with a disposition towards developmental and Human Resource initiatives.

His career spans Stock Broking and Human Resources. In 2010, Tito was one of the 15 finalists out of 100 to successfully complete the pioneer edition of the Creative Enterprise Program by the British Council in conjunction with The Creative Industries Development Agency, UK (CIDA) and the Pan African University. Ever since, he has developed his career in media.

In 2013, Tito became a Youtube Content Creator by producing a vlog for his Photography business – Eniola Abumere Photography. The vlog has since gone beyond photography topics to include helpful reviews and tutorials. You can follow Tito’s journey to this year’s Social Media Week on his Youtube channel – www.youtube.com/AbumereDotCom.