STORIES: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility

Feyi Olubodun

Feyi Olubodun

MD/CEO, Insight Publicis

Feyi has always been motivated by questions, rather than answers. He believes that it is in finding the big question that one’s career is meant to answer that one stands a chance at impact.

His big question is “How does a business see the future and operate in such a way as to maximise the opportunities in that future? How does that business then become the disruptor, and not the disrupted?”

This is the question that he is answering in his current role, leading the number 1 creative business in West Africa, Inisght Publicis.

Feyi is an explorer and not a mountain-climber, being able to build cities in the desert and build teams to take things to the next level. He has naturally evolved out of roles even within the same company, because of this mindset with an eye on the future and ability to self-disrupt.