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Gloria (Maraji) Oloruntobi

Gloria (Maraji) Oloruntobi

Entertainer, Maraji

Gloria Oloruntobi better known as “Maraji” is a popular Nigerian influencer and online personality. Maraji was raised in Lagos and attended Covenant University where she began making lip sync videos out of boredom. Little did she know that the video’s she made out of boredom would entertain millions of people not just in her native Nigeria but around the world.

For Maraji, lip sync videos only paint part of the picture, she further showed her variety of talents by making popular dance, comedy and even make up videos. Maraji’s consistency in delivering highly entertaining content via Instagram saw her reach hundreds of thousands of followers and engage with millions in little over 12 months.

What people don’t see is how hard working and focused she is, at only 19 years. Maraji has already graduated with a 2:1 in International relations, all whilst becoming an internet superstar.