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Obasa Olorunfemi

Obasa Olorunfemi

CEO, ChatClass NG

Obasa Olorunfemi is an entrepreneur with diverse interests ranging from business, music, photography, talking and travel. Femi, as he prefers to be called, has over 5 years post-graduation experience spanning graphic design, social media management, social media training, event streaming, and business development. He holds the PMP, PPM, HSE II, HSE III, EIA, O3GP, MUSON Preliminary grade, Grades I and II certifications. He is also an ACA (Abinibi Creative Academy) accredited graphic designer.

He holds a Bachelor in water resources management (Specializing in hydrology otherwise known as water engineering) from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State and has attended training on business innovation, branding, and strategy. Femi is a positively ambitious, forever optimistic Nigerian who does not know when to give up. Olorunfemi is currently the Chief Strategist and CEO of Extrafemi; a parent company comprising of 4 startups- Extrafemi Social, Wakafire, ChatClass NG and page 4 who enjoys Photography, travel, music and talking in his spare time.

Olorunfemi’s latest project; ChatClass NG earned him a slot as a Tony Elumelu Foundation 2016 Alumni.