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Pierre Cherruau

Pierre Cherruau

Head,Social Media,
French Embassy Nigeria

Pierre Cherruau juggles two careers: journalism and writing. He held the position of African Editor for the French weekly Courrier International for 14 years and for four years worked as the African editor for Slate. He also worked  for the media group, Le Monde, for fifteen years in Paris. Published in 1997, his first novel, Nena Rastaquouère is the portray of a Nigerian woman living between Jos, Lagos and Enugu.

In Chien Fantôme, (2008) a noir set in Africa, we encounter lots of humour in the character of Mme Diop, a senegalese private detective. While traveling from Lagos to Lomé via Cotonou in search of a child, Gabriel Lecouvreur discovers Africa in Togo or not Togo. After publishing La Vacance du Petit Nicolas, a very successful novel about French politics, Cherruau trekked from Dakar to Paris.

So popular were his reports in Le monde that he was persuaded to write a book about this trip. In 2013, he published the much-acclaimed Dakar Paris. Pierre Cherruau has lived in Nigeria, Benin Republic and Senegal and has published ten novels. For his journalistic work, he has travelled to more than forty African countries.

Pierre currently heads the social media unit of the French Embassy Nigeria.