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Event Partner FAQ’s

Who do I contact with questions about my event?

Programming Director N’dada Vaz is responsible for information, scheduling and website concerns. As we draw closer to the conference you will be assigned a Stage Manager. Your Stage Manager will be your main contact person on the ground at the venue.

My event is sponsored by a third party. who can I contact to make sure everything runs smoothly?

Third party sponsorship is strictly prohibited for all campus events. Fully subsidized  (i.e. free) event partners who violate this rule will have their events canceled and be escorted off the SMW Campus. If you’ve entered into a partnership with a 3rd party and would like to know if your partnership is allowed please contact us to go over details. Note: This applies to on campus events only.

How do I sign into my SCHED account?

Start by trying to RSVP to any event on the SCHEDULE. SCHED will ask you to log in to add the event to your schedule. You will then be asked to register on Eventbrite. Once you’ve registered on Eventbrite, click the link in the confirmation email you receive to activate your new SCHED account.  Set your new password and update your profile, photo & bio. SEE SCREENSHOT


How many speakers can I have at my session?


Panels – Up to five (5) Speakers and one (1) Moderator – (max 6)
Meetups – None (0). Up to four (4) ‘Featured Guest’ may be listed as ‘speakers’ on the event schedule at our discretion.
All Other Formats – Up to three (3) Speakers/Facilitators/Teachers and zero (0) moderators. (max 3)

How do I add speakers to my page?

Step 1. Invite your speakers to register as an attendee for your event on SCHED. If your event is sold out it’s ok. The goal is to have them in the system as a registered attendee. Make sure they complete their attendee profile in full by adding a bio and photo.

Step 2. Once your speaker is registered as an attendee (and you have confirmed that their bio and photo have been added) send N’dada Vaz an email with their name. She will “upgrade” them to the role of speaker on your event.

Notes:  Popular speakers may already have a profile. They don’t need to create a new profile for each event. If your speaker already has a profile simply send the speaker’s name.
– Do not send names of people with incomplete profiles.
– Do not send more names than allowed for your session type.
– Speakers will be assigned to your event within 5 business days.
– Speakers submitted after the deadline (see email) are not guaranteed inclusion on the speaker page and/or official speaker badges.


Where do my speakers go once they arrive at Landmark?

Speakers should go to the registration desk to pick up their badge. Speakers will be greeted by your Stage Manager (or other staff) who will escort them to the green room. Speakers should arrive no later than 30 minutes before your event start time. 10 minutes before your session begins your Stage Manager will guide speakers to the proper stage for your event.

Speakers, event partners, sponsors etc. don’t need a badge…do they?

For access to the venue EVERYONE will need a BADGE. This includes invited guests, speakers, and your company staff. Early bird general campus badges are free and easy to register for.

Speaker Badge: If your speakers are properly attached to your event listing they will be automatically registered for a FREE campus speaker badge and no further action is necessary. Registered speakers will be on a list and admitted without hassle once they arrive.
Premium VIP Badge: For those who require a bit more ‘bling’ with their SMW Lagos experience, Premium VIP Badge can be purchased HERE. All 2019 event partners are eligible to receive 25% off Premium VIP badges upon request. (2 max)
General Campus Badge: After the FREE “Early Bird Month” period is over, General Campus Badges go on sale for a small fee. General Campus Badge prices will always remain low but do increase slightly every week leading up to the conference. Your company staff, friends, and non-speaking event organizers or assistants/aids should register for the Early Bird General Campus Badge to attend for free.

Can you provide info about my assigned venue?


Experience & Innovation Stage – Typical Session Lengths: 60 Minutes | Seating: Traditional lecture seating for 400+

NXT Stage & Studio Suite – Typical Session Lengths: 60 Minutes | Seating: Traditional lecture seating for 100 – 150

Masterclass Suite & NXTWorkshop – Typical Session Lengths: 1.25 – 3 Hours | Seating: Classroom table seating for 35 – 60

Meetup & Speakeasy Suite, NXTLitLab, & OFFLINE Wellness Lab – Typical Session Lengths: 1 – 2 hours |  Seating: Mixed standing only and/or casual lounge seating for 35-60 |  Note: There is no AV equipment or formal presentation space in these venues. These are ‘mix-n-mingle’ and/or audience-centric town hall type formats.

SMW Lagos provides projectors, (1) laptop, free wifi, and sound equipment in all stage areas (with the exception of the venues noted above). Slides and other content should be submitted to your Stage Manger in advance if possible. It’s strongly suggested that you bring any required cords, laptops, adapters, mifi devices and/or flash drives you may need to display your content seamlessly.

There is a 30 minute break between each session to set up and breakdown. “Doors” open at the 15-minutes-till-start mark. At least 2 dedicated SMW volunteer staff will be on hand in every venue to assist you in setting up for your event.

I know my session is scheduled for (x) minutes but how much time do I really have?

SMW Lagos events end on time – all the time. This means if your speakers arrive late and your session’s start is delayed you must still end on time. Sessions starting more than 10 minutes late will be canceled. Time keepers will be on hand and viewable from the stage to help your event stay on time. NOTE: A/V technicians are instructed to dim lights and cut off microphones  at precisely 1 minute over time. This creates an embarrassing situation for all involved but guarantees your event does not negatively impact the next scheduled event.

Am I allowed to serve food or beverages during my session?

No, you are generally not allowed to serve food or beverages during your event  If your event is being hosted in the MeetUp Suite or AfricaNXT Annex and would like to have food or drink on hand you will need to book Casper & Gambini for catering. Casper & Gambini are the only authorized food vendors allowed at Landmark Centre. Free bottles of water and soft drinks will be available to all throughout the campus and on the stages.

Can I distribute give-aways or other promotional material from my company?

Yes, you are allowed to distribute promotional items and materials from your company during your session only.

Can I bring banners or signs to advertise my company?

Physical signage is not allowed. This includes pull-up banners and posters. Stage hands are instructed to kindly remove any and all pull ups and banners. Only digtal signange is allowed. You may display your logo or other branded signage on the screens during your session. Contact your stage manager for information on design specs.

During my session can I set up to sell my idea/product?

No. Selling of any kind is not allowed in any stage areas. If you have products you would like to sell you must apply to be a vendor in the AFRICANXT market place.

What about Photography and/or Livestreaming my session?

SMW Lagos does not provide live streaming  or photography services for your event (unless otherwise stated in your contract) . You can choose to bring your own photographer or livestream person to manage your devices and document your event. Be sure your photographer/live stream person and other staff/assistants register for a campus badge and/or RSVP for your event in advance.

Can I create a flier or other promotional material for my SMW Lagos event?

Absolutely! DOWNLOAD SMW Lagos media assets (logos, official fonts, etc). Tag us in your flyer on social media. We suggest you DIY or recruit a local graphic designer to help with production of promotional material. Check out CANVA for easy and free design templates.

How do I get feedback and/or contact info from attendees of my event?

Session feedback surveys are conducted in the SMW Lagos app for every session. We use these surveys to gauge how your event went and factor in responses when considering your organization for future SMW Lagos event slots. An anonymous quality control SMW staff member may be assigned to conduct an assessment of your event. After your event, (upon request) you may be able to receive a mini report of attendee demographics at your event.