There’s been a consistent growth in the fashion industry in Africa; new creative designers are springing up every season, bringing African designs to the world at large.

We found 6 African designers that would give you enough reasons to #ShopAfrica.


The name “Iconola” means “the image of wealth and honor” and trust when I say their pieces depict that. It is the first RTW (ready to wear) company in Nigeria, established in 2003 out of passion and desire to express creativity, as well as an aim is to sell clothes that promote African fabric and designs. If you were wondering — yes they cater to women alone (sorry, guys!) and they sell everything from tops to bags; almost everything having ankara infused into it. Because it’s RTW, you can swing by the store and pick out any item you’d like in your size.  In the words of the Iconola’s founder, “If you like it … Wear it. There are no rules!”



Bello Edu

Bello Edu

Bello Edu is a fashion brand designed for women to amplify self-esteem and it chooses a minimalist fashion over excess. The principal designer, Alima Bello, who is of Nigerian and Ghanaian heritage, creates daring and expressive pieces, that are yet subtle and feminine, to produce a distinct style.


Keexs makes the kind of sneakers that make you turn around for a third, fourth and fifth look. They are the first innovative and social footwear brand in Africa and they are certainly living the title. One of the most inspiring things about this brand is it started out by crowdfunding online and raised $20,000 in only 40 days! When the dream is real, there’s no stopping it!

You get to choose from 4 colour combinations (Adam, True-Blue, Wyte and Black Pride) and 8 different designs; each one with its own inspiring story. When I decide to get one, I’d gun for Wyte Fela-art printed pair. Certainly the cutest, but I mean, different stokes, so go check them out yourself.

Gozel Green

First, we can gush about Gozel Green being founded by twin sisters (we all know Beyonce just upped the fanciness on twins!) however more than that, their creations are distinct and they focus on artistry, originality and timelessness. Gozel Green recently showcased their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection which they titled ‘Igbo Mask’, during New York Fashion Week that kicked off on the 11th of February. 

Sophie Zinga

Straight out of Senegal, the brand is all about fusing different cultures and traditions together for cosmopolitan, elegant and sophisticated women. Sophie Zinga collections use a lot of lace and African fabric to produce a blend of art, culture and softness. With the recent release of its Spring/Summer 2017 collection “Hibiscus,” the label’s creative director was inspired by the hibiscus flower; its colour and texture are referenced in the collection.


Giifash recently released its 2017 “walkaholic” collection, featuring shoes for men and women that ranged from men’s tasseled leather loafers, lace up shoes, suede slip on to women’s plimsoles and strapped sandals. Giifash is a Nigerian brand with the goal of pampering your feet. They put comfort first and then ensure it fits. They can also make custom pieces if you have a specific style in mind. What’s not to love?



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