Lagos isn’t a travel destination for the faint-hearted, but with some planning you’ll be rewarded with an experience you’ll be talking about for years.What can make your trip run smoother is a bit of planning. Here are some apps that can help you stay organized.

Fascinating Nigeria

  1.  TripIt

Before you even step foot in Lagos, get yourself organized using this app. TripIt allows you to add your flight, ground travel, hotel  and sight-seeing info to keep you on track for your trip. You can also share your itinerary among friends if traveling in a group.

  1. Fascinating Nigeria

This app is also helpful in the planning stages, but is just as helpful when you land. The free app lets you find attractions, restaurants and events in major cities. It also gives cultural and historic information about the country.

  1. Easy Taxi

Order a taxi from the convenience of your smartphone with this app. Easy Taxi finds you a registered driver. You can even see the name and picture of your driver and know when your taxi is arriving by tracking your driver in real-time.

  1. Nigeria Essential Travel Guide

Similar to Fascinating Nigeria but not as sleek, the app does have a map, translator and world clock. And to really satisfy your wanderlust, it offers basic info on neighboring countries like Niger, Chad & Benin.

  1. HiConverter

This one will cost you $1USD. The app not only converts currency, but temperature, measurements and even shoe size.



Do you know an app that can help travelers navigate Lagos? Share it with us. The theme for Social Media Week Lagos 2014 is A Connected Africa is the Future. If you have any questions about traveling to Lagos, please contact yours truly at I hope to see you in Lagos.

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