According to Troyka, it is no longer business as usual for brands, agencies and marketers looking to connect with the digital consumer as we are witnessing a radical transformation of communication platforms that allows for real-time engagement and disengagement by brands and consumers alike, the fusion of content, context and culture, and the evolution of advertising channels into data-driven models and tools for futuretainment, co-creation and applied innovation.

So, how can brands better engage with digital consumers, otherwise known as hyper-connected consumers?

Read on to discover six new rules for reaching, engaging and delighting hyper-connected consumers by Tayo Oyedeji, MD & Head, Starcom Mediavest SA & Insight Redefini.


Hyper connected consumers are NOT loyal: rather than focus advertising on the target market, brands should begin to advertise to all potential buyers. It’s not about who you want to speak to but about whoever has an interest in your category. Reach everyone using your category.

Reach is more important than frequency: seek the first reach first, reach as many potential consumers as possible by aiming for a wider reach and not maximum frequency.

Always on is NOT debatable: brands that are always mentally available do better than brands which are not always mental available so strive to make your brand become mentally available to consumers. Mental availability is the new currency of marketing. Keep your brand on top of consumers’ mind by creating campaigns that are always on.

Think video, NOT TV vs Online: maximise video CPM with digital, as adding digital to your video marketing mix increases reach while decreasing CPM.

Shorter is better: be brief with marketing messages especially in video. At 60 seconds over 50% of your audience is lost, so be creative enough to pass a strong message in 10 seconds.

Media mix must mirror media use: follow the consumer; let your marketing messages meet them at the platforms they use.

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