Being Africa’s largest tech conference, SMW Lagos has attracted more than 12,000 participants annually and has featured 200+ speakers. Its 5th year will be the best year yet and it boasts offerings of a wide variety of quality events.

This year’s theme “The [new] Language of Technology: The Future of Communication in Africa.” has been great inspiration for over 100 events.

Here are 7 of our most anticipated SMWLagos 2017 events for Bloggers, PR & Communication Professionals.

More Connectivity

The Future of Media

The Rise Of Podcasts: The New FM

Facebook and Instagram for Content Creators and Publishers

Communication Lessons From The US 2016 Election: The Do’s & Don’ts from Trump and Clinton

How Live Video Can Transform African Storytelling

The Future of Digital Publishing: Are Platforms Eroding The Power of Publishers?

Creating Compelling Facebook Live Broadcast: Best Practices From


To learn more about how to up your blogging skills be sure to attend #smwlagos 2017. Register here:

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