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Where would social media be without the informational content that spurs engaging conversations? Attending this year’s Social Media Week Lagos were a number of content creators from across the world who understand the key role that social media plays in pushing content forward. As a Social Media Week Lagos press partner, AFKInsider has positioned itself as the one-stop shop for African business news.

Covering politics, technology, financial markets, real estate and agriculture, this online news destination (launched by Moguldom Media Group) aims to provide its readers with unique access to insider data needed to pursue opportunities in Africa. We spoke with AFKInsider to learn more about what makes the news website different from your typical news outlets, as well the best ways to write for AFKI and what is next on the websites’ horizon.
Social Media Week Lagos: How does AFKInsider stand out from its competitors? What is its unique value proposition?

AFKInsider: AKFInsider provides an international perspective on the full range of issues that would inform anyone currently or potentially interested in doing business in Africa. At present, there are a few Africa-focused news websites, but business receives limited attention.  AFKInsider uniquely offers both text and video to tell its stories and provides a multimedia platform for the reader to stay informed.  Essentially, it is a business news source in real time for anyone interested in Africa’s story of growth and development. Bookmark it to stay current.


What would you like potential advertisers to know about AFKInsider’s digital advertising opportunities?

After only six months online, AFKInsider has already averaged over 2 million page views and more than 260,000 unique visitors, each month.  This is substantial and competitive with the well-established business magazines, broadcast entities and news websites. The website’s video capabilities allow for advertisers to provide a comprehensive and persuasive marketing platform.  AFKInsider offers “native advertising” or branded content, allowing the sponsor to be associated with information that the reader will find useful and, therefore, think positively about the sponsor.  Finally, AFKInsider employs a strategy known as “audience extension”. Once the specific target demographic is identified, AFKInsider can find the same consumer type across the web to scale up the media impressions.  In other words, AFKInsider can deliver its readership and then complement this audience with “look-a-likes” who visit other websites. It’s target marketing on steroids.


What kind of contributors is AFK looking for and how does one go about being considered?

AFKInsider is looking for authentic original content that is well reported and entertaining for the African audience. We are looking for someone that can fill a gap in the African media space by writing unique stories that other media sources don’t usually cover on entrepreneurs and opportunities in Tech, Agriculture, Real Estate, Travel, Tourism, Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Sports and Culture. To be considered as a contributor at AFKInsider, one has to simply send his resume and some of the published work he’s done to info@afkinsider.com.


What can we expect to see from AFK in 2014?
>In 2014 AFKInsider is looking to expand its coverage of the African content with more original and engaging stories. AFKInsider readers should expect to be challenged by the opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures that fellow Africans are engaging in.  We are seeking to prove that the ‘African Rising’ narrative that dotted most of the media last year is indeed happening. Some of the areas we will be looking to increase coverage on includes travel industry in the region and sports. We will also be looking keenly at the growing entertainment industry in Africa and try to consolidate African celebrity news in one on-line location.

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