With Africa possessing the fastest mobile phone market in the world, learning how to use this platform seems to be the next step towards the betterment of the continents’ infrastructure. Cue in Bozza- a social media application focused on local made-for-mobile content that is contextually relevant  to the African market that opens up to a world of new possibilities.

We spoke to Bozza  Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Emma Kaye who also is one of our advisory board members, about her involvement in creating this platform and being part of SMWLagos.

Q. Could you briefly explain how Bozza works and what it’s about.

A. Bozza is an application for talent discovery. It gives a voice to the African creative economy namely the filmmakers, poets, musicians and artists of this continent who seek a platform through which to self publish and be discovered.

Q. What distinguishes the app in the sea of social media applications available on the market?

A. This application is uniquely focused on the African creative economy and offers ubiquitous access through feature phones (and shortly Blackberry and Android platforms), the content is local and the offering is free which in a way enables anyone to be discovered.

Q. What was the idea behind the name, bringing forth another app, and also how has it been received thus far?

A. The name Bozza is slang for boss- implying that you are the boss of your own life, dreams and aspirations. The application-through it’s users and content providers- is a platform that was formed in March 2012 for individuals to express themselves to be heard and seen and to be discovered.  Its proved that there was indeed an appetite for local content as there were a staggering 40 000 downloads in just three days  but unfortunately the access to publishing platforms and a local content offering were limited and were not mobile friendly. We later introduced the beta version of the app that it was received very well and was also awarded the 2012 Mobile Data and Social Media Award at AfricaCom in In Dec 2012

Q. How has social media attributed to the success of Bozza?

A. Social media is an integral part of our users’ daily lives. Through the Bozza Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts as well as through the app itself, we continuously engage with users. Social media is an effective way of building a relationship and responding to comments and queries that may otherwise go unanswered. All this has contributed to a strong and authentic relationship with the Bozza community.

Q. You are part of the SMWLagos, why did you join the advisory board?

A. Africa is at a particularly interesting point in digital and technology development and I believe that through collective thinking and collaboration growth remains relevant to all of society. By remaining relevant we can ensure all stakeholders are included in the conversations that will make technology effective in Africa. With that said,  being part of SMW I look forward to being part of a team of people that can assist in shaping the African conversation within the technology and digital space to ensure we are consistently being relevant within an African context.

Q. What, in your perspective, is the future of social media in Africa?

A. There is no doubt that the advent of social media has given Africa a voice through which to share its successes as well as its struggles. Access to broadband, data costs and non-mobile friendly sites remain stumbling blocks and as a result users are far more economical in their usage of social media sites but users know what they want and where to get it and the social media offerings that recognize and address these needs will reap the rewards.

To learn more about Bozza or to download the mobile app visit http://bozza.mobi/

Bacela Noluvuyo (Noley) is a  Cape Town- based underprivileged overachieving creative with the Midas touch. Find her work on itcanonlybesoxyvanilla.blogspot.com and http://issuu.com/imbomag

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