Across the world TV still remains a dominant source of media content, but online videos are fast catching up. While TV still commands the big advertising budgets of  leading African brands, more and more upwardly mobile and connected youths and professionals are turning to video on demand platforms to feed their quest for video content and it is only a matter of time before it begins to chase down traditional TV.

That said, media content in Africa is also on the rise. Though 90% of  media content consumed in Africa’s is still hosted from outside the continent, African’s quest for home-grown content is creating a demand and there is a need to fill this gap. Reportedly, around 140 million people in Africa have access to the internet, which represents about 13% of the population. That number is set to explode in the next few years. By 2020, internet penetration in sub-Saharan Africa is expected to reach 24.7%.

Apart from the top video websites and blogs, these are the top Nigerian video bloggers currently rocking the digital space with video skits.


1. Naija Boyz

One of  the oldest kids on the block. They began to make videos spoofs before so many other people had smartphones.

Then they went silent and bounced back. As at the last time of release they gave us a dose of their twist on Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” tune…

from an African wannabe!

2. Ikenna Azuike – What’s up Africa
What’s Up Africa is a video blog created and presented by Ikenna Azuike. He is an ex-City lawyer turned internet personality and entrepreneur. He has been a fixture at every edition of Social Media Week so far and we hope to see him again!

3. Lolita aka Naija Runs Girl

Lolita hosts her Naijarish videos on YouTube and treats everyone to a dose of girls talk.

Here’s a video on how to spot a Runs Girl (Gold digger) in London!

4. Basketmouth

The boss of African comedy is also on the list.

Basket mouth treats us to several doses of YouTube funny skits that are promotional for his events and some to whet our joke-petite.

5. AY

Ayo Makun is the curator of AY Live! and is one of the hardest workers on the list! He is a
is a multi-award winning Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and T.V presenter, actor, writer,
director and MC. He is the host of the A.Y live shows and A.Y comedy skits

With several angles to his skits, he treats everyone to several snippets of comedy, dance and controversy!

Here is the interrogation. Don’t laugh till you get to the last scene. Love it!


6. Pastor Gbade Ogunlana aka Paito wa Darling Pastor
Yep! a Pastor made the list. For over three years, the pastor of  Bible City Church (BCC) in Ibadan, Nigeria has consistently used online videos to support his radio broadcasts which spans The Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana as well as South Africa. His ability to balance his teachings in English and Pure undiluted ‘Ibadan dialect’  made his name in English ( Darling Pastor) and Yoruba ( Paito Wa) a household name in Nigeria’s biggest city  – Ibadan. Wait till you listen to Baba katikisi!

7. Emman Kellam:

The young Emman Kellam and his ‘old school‘ father, Papa Kellam. Here is the back story. Emman runs a blog and decided to do a YouTube video by pranking is African dad. Well… let’s say the video became a big hit. presently garnering over 3 million views. Find out why it became such a hit!

8. Toke Moments

Toke Makinwa is an radio personality who started her YouTube Channel to raise and discuss issues.
From the young girl to the married woman, Toke bares her mind using videos.

9. Frank Donga

Popular on the Ndani TV’s YouTube Channel, he is the comedic edge of the NdaniTV series.

Frank Donga is the complete stereotype of the certificate carrying unemployable graduate.

Consider on of his job promising interviews.

10. Olisa Adibua – The Truth with Olisa

The popular entertainment and on air personality brings his experience in music and radio into Vlogging.

Though new, his videos have been quickly garnering internet attention.

11. Bovi Ugboma
Bovi is another comedian doing great things in the video space.

From being ‘Man on Fire’ to ‘Out of control’, Bovi is on a digital roll

12. Ada Ari
Ada Ari Agbim is a DC-based fitness instructor and she is making high impact work-outs more fun by infusing it with Nigerian Afrobeats music. Experience one and you’ll find out workout can’t been more fun.

13. Gbenga Adebayo aka. Area Doctor:

This health and lifestyle doctor turns to pidgin to educate and empower viewers. He talks on various topics from Ebola to Mouth odour.

Pidgin is the language, your health is the subject.

14. Roberta Edu
Roberta hosts the Break Digit show on TWO TV Network. On the  show she interviews for startups and businesses.

15. Yawa
His comedy skits rival Frank Donga’s and clearly talks about how a disadvantaged youth tries to game the Nigerian system.

16. Buni TV- Ogas at the top

Animation is a lot of work and these guys deserve the accolades.

They put a spin on the Nigerian poiltical actors and make spoofs of their performance.

17. Don’t Jealous Me – TBoy

In his funny parody voice, TBoy recounts his life and times as a Nigerian, in Nigerian schools and

Nigerian stereotypes. It is hilarious!

18. Rave and Reviews with Chioma Obiekwe

Chioma Obiekwe currently works as an SAP consultant at an IT consultancy and also runs a YouTube channel

where she reviews Nigerian made – and made for Nigeria- products and services.

19. Chief Obi:

Also is Chief Obi, If you haven’t experienced a typical Ibo man in action. He has enough tricks up his sleeves

20.Tega Onojaife on Tega’s take on Sports

Raking up digital attention with her energetic expressions is Tega Onojaife’s Tega’s Take.

Beware, she has a take on everything – especially Sports.

Ok, its official, I am joining the list.

The list is endless and will continue to grow.

Which other Vlogger have you been watching? What do you think?

Which vlogger is rocking your part of the continent? Let’s talk


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