The Co-world is a new world, a world where consumers have become more empowered by technology. In the co-world, engaging consumers will require branded experiences rich in content that strengthen contextual involvement and consumer connection as consumers will consume only what’s relevant to them, what best serves them and what truly entertains them.

“The next five years will hold more change for the advertising industry than the previous 50 did. Increasingly empowered consumers, more self-reliant advertisers and ever-evolving technologies are redefining how advertising is sold, created, consumed and tracked. Our research points to four evolving future scenarios – and the catalysts that will be driving them. Traditional advertising players – broadcasters, distributors and advertising agencies – may get squeezed unless they can successfully implement consumer, business model and business design innovation.” – IBM Global Business Services

According to Franklin Ozekhome, these four trends have marked the emergence of the co-world:

Trend 1: “Actvertising” and Building Communities

Trend 2: Uberification of Advertising

Trend 3: The Evolution of Consumerism

Trend 4: The New 2017 “Consumer Agency”

Brands should constantly ask: Who is the consumer? What is context? What is commerce? And how do we measure?

It’s a new world. It’s time that we connected in new ways to reflect our commonality. Our commonality  is now the new social currency and in the co-world only future-forward enterprises will succeed.

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