With #SMW2017 coming up, you should consider easy ways to experience the city as well as other activities to indulge in during your stay.

Good thing there are a couple of sites catering to all the important sectors of tourism in Lagos. Here are a few:



Pondering your options for shelter? Hotels.ng connects you to all the best hotels available. They have clear descriptions on the facilities available, plus user generated reviews to give you an inkling to other people’s experiences. They also have daily deals to get discounts. What’s not to love?

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Nothing to do in Lagos

This was literally birthed from the frustration of hearing “There’s Nothing To Do In Lagos”. NTDIL provides adventure tourism and recreation for people constantly looking for outdoor activities in Lagos. Their motto is #FindYourLagos and they sure live it! Their site has a list of monthly events and activities to look forward, as well as a daily calendar on what to do to unwind.


Ariiya Tickets

If there’s an event happening, Ariiya has the tickets! You can totally run through their site to find events that might interest you.  The site is a good fusion of creating awareness of events as well as offering a convenient way to buy tickets.



Eat Drink Lagos

Eat Drink Lagos is the leading food and drink guide in the city and they’re definitely doing a fantastic job. If you’re craving food that will also give you access to local culture or international cuisine, they have everything covered. It’ll do you good to work out your food search on their site and see what they have to say.



Lost in Lagos

Lost in Lagos offers a mix of everything, allowing you to discover, experience and love Lagos all at once. It covers food, hotels, events, shopping… literally every sect you need handled. A quick keyword search gives you all the options there are for that activity in Lagos.



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