“Across the digital landscape, publishers can without restrictions stream live with a sense of immediacy, spontaneity, even fun, with comments and emojis flying over the screen like music notes. Many who formerly watched traditional news broadcasts now look to live-streaming as a source for timely information. For users, it gives a powerful and simple way to broadcast live video to their entire social graph, and they can now not only share live video with all those connected to their page but also unlock powerful new insights into their audiences.” – Naij.com

Are you a blogger, online journalist, advertiser, publisher, or broadcast journalist looking to include Facebook live videos to your content strategy? You might find these best practices from Naij.com helpful.

The topic you choose for your live video must be well considered and relevant. Avoid religious bias as it may cause negative feedback from your audience.

Making videos for Facebook is no different from making videos generally.

Live video works on 3G & 4G networks but for the best experiences use a Wi-Fi connection.

Live videos with a focus on trending topics & issues perform well on Facebook.

Be very creative and dynamic in your approach to the topics you decide to work on.

Edit your video with funny emojis that make people want to engage and share with friends.

Recognise that content is king. Create great videos that tell compelling stories.


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