Today we focused on personal career growth and self-care for all our wonderful audience. Keep reading to find out how to stay ahead in 2020 with our #ProTips.

LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation and B2B sales from LinkedIn

Being on LinkedIn which is the largest professional platform in the world can be career-changing especially when done right. The first thing to look out for is the use of the right terms to describe your job title and description. Always look out for profiles of top professionals in the same field you can model your profile against. Ensure there is a distinction in this and not a lift-off, show off your unique skills. An area lots of profiles fall short is the experience segment of every job title posted. As opposed to listing out your job description as it appears on the employment letter how about you describe the achievements and milestones passed on the job. 

When approaching C level professionals on this platform for jobs or mentorship, ensure you learn the right language to use with them as this can make or maim the relationship. Always put out there what you can do for their business or company to boost their confidence in your skills. Yes we know organically building your network would take time and energy but when done right yields results beyond the wildest imaginations. 


  1. Introduce yourself and what you do
  2. Give a rundown of at least two projects and their success rate
  3. Then go on to pitch your proposal which should always be sealed with a call to action like availability to meet for further discussions.
  4. Lastly, post relevant contents which would attract your target audience and use LinkedIn analytics for continuous improvement.

How To Live With Joy And Less Stuff

It’s common knowledge that joy is a state of mind but circumstances and life’s situations can rob one of this basic state of being. The environmental factors that contribute to stress include traffic, people, and the contents being consumed daily.  Discussions revolved around how each participant meditates to calm their thoughts, get back to their state of peace. Then Talabi gave her experience about how listening to heartbreak music affected her mood. After she discovered the reason for this, she consciously watched the kind of music she listens to and the energies she allows around her. She mentioned how the deep always calls unto deep especially when the focus is shifted from the quality and onto quantity. 
To achieve mental liberation in times of anger key into steadying your breathing, engage in a mindful exercise like using the fingertips to tap the forehead, chin, chest, and shoulders until your focus shifts from the issue. 


  1. Avoid junk food as much as possible because of its a direct correlation to mood swings.
  2. Learn to forgive others as this liberates you.
  3. Live now, don’t wait till later.
  4. Find your true self and love it.

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