Event Partners faqs

Who Do I Contact With Questions About My Event?

Direct all questions to info@smwlagos.com and someone from our Programming Team will reply to your email within 48 hours. As we draw closer to the conference you will be assigned a Stage Manager (SM). Your SM is your main contact person on the ground at the SMWLAGOS Campus

How Do I Add Speakers To My Event Listing?

You will be provided a speaker code that will enable your speaker(s) to register for their speaker credentials/badge for SMW Lagos 2020. They will also need to create their speaker profile. Please refer to the instructions below.
Important: A Gender-Balanced speaker pool is key to SMW Lagos programming. To achieve this ALL sessions with 2 or more speakers must ensure at least 1 speaker is a woman.

[1] Redeem speaker code HERE.
[2] Once registered on Eventbrite, click the link in the confirmation email received to activate your new SCHED account. Please Note: If your speaker has previously spoke or attended SMW Lagos, they can skip Step #3. They will have an existing SCHED account and will just need to log into that account.
[3] Set your password
[4] Create/Update your profile (upload photo, bio and any other pertinent info).
[5] Once ALL your speaker profiles are set up, inform us via email. Please list all your speakers in one email with links to their SCHED profiles.

The deadline to send speaker info is the 9th of January 2020. Speakers submitted after the deadline are not guaranteed inclusion on the speaker page and may not receive official speaker badges.

How many Speakers can I have at my event?

Please adhere to the speaker guidelines below when submitting speakers for your event. As a reminder, to ensure gender-balanced programming, if your event features 2 or more speakers, at least 1 speaker must be a woman.


  • Panel – 5 Speaker Max (including moderator)
  • Masterclass – 3 Educator Max
  • Skillshare – 2 Educator Max
  • Speakeasy/Roundtable – 3 Chat Leader Max
  • Meetup – NO Formal Speakers
What Is The Event Partner Toolkit + Checklist ?

The event partner toolkit is a basic list of tools to help you plan, promote and execute your event. The Event Partner Toolkit + Checklist is available in the email you received that directed you to this page. Contact us with any questions or updates. It is MANDATORY that you fill out and submit your completed Event Partner Toolkit. Non-Compliance may result in your session being canceled.

Can I Create A Flier Or Other Promotional Material For My SMW Lagos Event?

Absolutely! Download SMW Lagos Official assets (logos, official fonts, etc) and shoot us an email, Dropbox, or share your flier with us on social media.  We suggest you DIY or recruit a local graphic designer to help with production of promotional material. Check out CANVA for easy and free design templates.

Can I Bring Banners Or Signs To Advertise My Company?

No, physical signage is not allowed. This includes pull-up banners and posters.  You may display your logo or other branded signage during your session in digital format. Contact your SM for information on design specs and deadlines.

Can I Distribute Fliers, Give-Aways Or Other Promotional Material From/About My Company?

Yes, you are allowed to distribute promotional items and materials for your company during your session only.

Am I Allowed To Serve Food Or Beverages During My Session?

No, you are generally not allowed to serve food or beverages during your event. If your event is being hosted in the MeetUp Suite and you would like to have food or drink on hand you will need to book LANDMARK ASTORIA CATERERS for catering. LANDMARK ASTORIA CATERERS are the only authorized food vendors allowed at Landmark Centre.  Bottles of water and/or soft drinks for speakers and panel members will be made available to all. Should you need catering for your session please inform us and we will provide you with the contact details for LANDMARK ASTORIA CATERERS

Will I Be Able To Connect To Wifi At The Venue?

Of course! Wifi courtesy of MainOne will be available to all attendees with a dedicated SSID for event partners to access during sessions.

What About Audio/Video? Will There Be Microphones And A Projector?

Yes! SMW Lagos provides overhead projection and stereo sound equipment in all conference stage areas – with the exception of the SpeakEasy and Meetup Suite. The Speakeasy suite will include a Smart TV. You must discuss your A/V needs and requirements with your SM. Presentation slides, digital signage, logos, links, and other A/V content should be submitted to your SM in advance. It is important that you submit your content in advance so that:

  • Technicians responsible for A/V equipment are informed
  • Extension cords, extra mics, and other equipment as required is on-hand
  • The room can be sufficiently dimmed for films or slides
  • Someone who is familiar with your content is standing by, ready to run it on cue

Livestreaming: SMW Lagos will not provide live streaming personnel for your event.

What Format Should I Submit Content I Want Displayed On The Projector?

These are basic guidelines for preparing your media content to display on stage. Please discuss with your SM any specifics outside the scope of these guidelines.

  • Widescreen format is preferable: 16:9, HDTV, 720p, 1080p
  • Video Clips:  .MOV or .MP4 (preferred). Youtube Links (acceptable)
  • Audio: MP3 Files (acceptable)
  • Presentation Slides:  PDF (preferred). Prezi or PowerPoint (acceptable)
  • Logos:  High quality PNG, PDF, GIF or JPG (acceptable)
I Know Of Several Landmark Centres In Lagos. Where Is The #Smwlagos Campus Venue?

SMW Lagos Campus is located on Water Corporation Road, Victoria Island, (Oniru Estate) Lagos.

Can I See The Floor Plan Of The Venue? What Is The Capacity Of (X) Stage?

Why yes you can! Reviewing the floor map will  give you a general idea of room capacity and set up.

Please download our Campus Map HERE.

Is Parking Available?

Ample, secure parking for 200+ cars is available on site. Additional parking is located on Water Corporation Road, directly opposite Landmark Centre

I’m A VIP/Event Partner. I Don’t Need A Badge…Do I?

For access to the #SMWLAGOS Campus, you will need a badge. As a security precaution persons without a badge will not be permitted to enter the campus. This includes invited guests, speakers, and your company staff.  Anyone entering the campus must officially register to attend. Registration is now open and Campus+ Badges are now on sale at a discounted rate and can be purchased HERE.

Event Partners will be provided with a voucher code for 5 Complimentary Campus Badges to distribute as you see fit.  

Speaker Badge Registration: If your speakers register for their speaker credentials/badge on or before the 9th of January they will be able to pick up their speaker badge upon arrival to the SMWLAGOS Campus. If your speakers do not register by the 9th of January, they will not be credentialed as a speaker and will need to register and pay for a Campus+ Badge.

Where Do My Speakers Go Once They Arrive?

Upon arrival speakers should proceed to the registration desk to pick up their badge. At registration your speakers will be greeted by your SM or one of our SMW Lagos Associates who will escort them to the speaker green room. Speakers should arrive no later than 45 minutes before your scheduled event time.

10 minutes before your session is set to begin your SM or a SMWLAGOS Associate will guide speakers to the proper stage for your session.

How Much Time Do I Have To Set Up/Wrap Up?

There is a 30 minute break between each session to change over. “Doors” open at the 15-minutes-till-start mark for attendees to begin to take their seats. At least 2 dedicated SMW Lagos Associates will be on hand to assist you in setting up for your event.

I Know My Session Is Scheduled For X Minutes But How Much Time Do I Really, Really Have?

SMW Lagos events end on time -all the time. This means if your speakers arrive late and your session’s start is delayed you must still end on time. Sessions starting more than 20 minutes late will not be permitted to continue.

Timekeepers will be on hand and viewable from the stage to help your events stay on track.

NOTE: A/V technicians are instructed to dim lights and cut microphone feeds at precisely 1-minute over-time. This creates an embarrassing situation for all involved but guarantees your moderator allowing “just one more question” does not negatively impact the next scheduled event partner.

You are invited to continue the conversations, answer additional questions and meet and greet your event attendees in the common lounges and networking areas.

How Do I Get Feedback/Info From Attendees Of My Event?

Session feedback surveys are feature of the SMW Lagos website and app. Do encourage your attendees to take a moment to rate your session and leave a comment. As the event partner you will be able to view their feedback via your session page. In addition, an anonymous quality control SMW staff member may be assigned to conduct an assessment of your event.

How Do I Give Feedback To SMW Lagos?

Each year, post conference we send event partners a questionnaire that puts our team on the hot seat. Reliable, organized, deliver what we promise?… you be the judge.

I Have A Product Or Service I Think SMW Audiences Need To Hear About. Can I Use My Event Slot To Sell My Idea/Product?

No, blatantly advertorial content is not allowed at SMW Lagos. We have no interest in sales pitches disguised as information.

My SMW Campus Event Is Being Sponsored By A Third Party Who Can I Contact To Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly?

Third party sponsorship is strictly prohibited. Corporate 3rd party sponsored gift bags, give-aways, t-shirts, banners or other evidence of third party sponsorship is not allowed. Fully subsidized  (i.e. free) event partners who violate this rule will have their events canceled and be escorted off the SMW Campus. If you’ve entered into a partnership with a 3rd party and would like to know if your partnership is allowed please contact us to go over details.

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