Artificial Intelligence is a form intelligence mainly displayed by machines which is in contrast to natural intelligence portrayed by people. The way we work today is rapidly changing due to the influence of technology and many experts have predicted a future where 70% of jobs will be vulnerable to Artificial Intelligence and robot systems. What it implies is within the next 5 – 10 years, the outlook of some jobs are quite bleak and may not be fiscally feasible.

Artificial intelligence And The Future of Work In Nigeria was a Speakeasy session hosted by CYMANTIKS LIMITED and facilitated by CEO/Semantic Web Architect Emeka Okoye. He discussed why the revolution of Artificial Intelligence is important to us in Nigeria and why we should tap into it right now. There are two types of AI – Narrow AI presents information to you based on past behavioural search, which helps to articulate your decision-making process. AGAI (Artificially Generated AI) is the automation of human activities by software programming.

Artificial Intelligence should not be considered a threat. Rather the government needs to implement AI friendly policies that will prepare the nation for this revolution. Because Artificial Intelligence is gaining more prominence in our daily lives through our mobile gadgets, social media, tech amongst others.

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