Social Media Week Lagos will be underway in just a few days. And if you consider yourself a traveler, you’re probably curious about the intersection of travel and tech. Fellow wanderer, the weeklong conference will host more events than you can possibly attend. Have no fear, here are our favorite events for the nomad at heart.

1) #SMWEarlyBird Private Beach Party: Powered by PoP Beach Club!


Go to the party, BEFORE the party on Sunday, February 16th. Attendees, travel bloggers and enthusiasts will be whisked away on a ferry to a private beat where they’ll be served drinks and BBQ. Get to know your fellow attendees and get tips from local bloggers and techies on what to see and where to play during your time in Lagos. Click here for more information.

2) #smwExperience: The Innovators Travel Bloggers Breakfast… Wheels-Up !

The Innovator’s Breakfast series is a chance to feed your mind (and belly) with a keynote conversation and some grub. Head to Four Points early Tuesday morning where the conversation will be dedicated to all things travel. See details here.

3) #TravelAfrica Day – February 18th

After you’ve had enough food, stay at Four Points where panels throughout the day will discuss, well, all things travel and Africa. Learn how developers, entrepreneurs and digital story-tellers are using their skills to increase tourism to the continent. Get a list of the day’s events by going to the event listing and and choosing Tuesday in the search bar to see the day’s events.

A Connected Africa Is the Future

4) #SMWMusicAfrica: Afro-Beats Abroad? Western Perceptions & Why We Should Care

 Travel can be about fun in the sun and good eats, but it’s also about experiencing another culture. And no trip to Nigerian is complete without delving into some Afro-beat. Social media has made it easier for artists to share their music with the globe. This conversation will try to answer  how Afro-beat is seen all over the world. Time and day are listed here.

5) What’s Next? Music, Fashion, and Nitelife – Africa’s New Tourism Ambassadors


Travelers back in the day would drag around a bulky guidebook to know what to do in a city Nowadays, along with the guidebook, they’re consulting their favorite music, fashion and culture bloggers to get to know the pulse of a city. This conversation will discuss how these digital story-tellers are encouraging tourism to the continent.

By Roxanne L. Scott

The theme for Social Media Week Lagos 2014 is A Connected Africa is the Future. If you have any questions about traveling to Lagos, please contact yours truly at I hope to see you in Lagos.





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