We are just under 12 weeks away from the biggest social media conference to hit Africa EVER and Team #SMWLagos is super busy behind the scenes organizing all the details!

It’s been a month since Lagos was officially announced as a host city for the 2013 conference and the response from folks around the world has been UNBELIEVABLE!

We are back again with QUICK GUIDE #2 on how to GET INVOLVED. Open & Connected is not just our Global Theme , it’s how Social Media Week works! Driven by the community, Social Media Week Lagos is a week long event of amazing panels, parties and workshops that are organized by YOU!  This week highlights conference speakers. If you know an interested speaker or if you are personally interested in speaking at an event we’ll try and find an event that makes sense for you to participate in**.

For Speakers and Nominators:

Identify the topics you would like to cover and submit your Speaker Application. Our team will notify you within 48 hours with a preliminary decision regarding your speaker application. ***

A Few Tips For Nominators, Panel Organizers and Event Producers: 

Once your speaker/panel is approved it’s time to get busy! You have invited she/he/them for their expertise or unique opinions on social media advancement, so provide a set of guidelines, but also give plenty of room for creativity. Feel free to contact us at lagos@socialmediaweek.org if you need any additional help or suggestions.

You want your speakers to bring their excitement and personal perspective to the event, so allow for their unique visions and experiences to prevail.

~ Contact your potential speakers as early as possible to begin a dialogue
~ Be clear about your topic & theme
~ Encourage a conversation that is focused, but accessible
~ Review the format & specific speaking points prior to the event
~ Prohibit any of your speakers from using your Social Media Week event as a platform for their own self-advancement
~ Set time parameters so your event can begin and end on time
~ Be sure your speakers know whether they are required to stay after for Q&A or press interviews

**Note: All speakers applications are reviewed, however we cannot guarantee a speaking opportunity.
***Note: Some applications may take longer to process and/or our team may require additional information to process your application.

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