For years now, we’ve had Nigerian artists treat us to live shows that wind up being mimes to hit songs on their album, while sticking the microphones in our direction for us to scream along with them. If we looked at the future of live music in Nigeria from this tangent, it would probably be bleak. However, there’s big hope and we had the best of the best discuss on a panel at the Future of Live Music event today.

Sound Sultan specified that live performances are ridiculed by a number of factors including promoters unwillingness to commit so much to the details involved in having a real live performance, the laziness of the artists to work it out and finally consumers not demanding what they really want.  All of this thrives because there is a general lack of expectation and it’s environmental.

Chin Okeke, said it’s important to understand that there is a different skillset required to be a performer and another to be a recording artist. This key factor is one of the reasons why there isn’t enough of good live music around here.

Looking to future possibilities, Colette Otusheso said there needs to be conscious investment in infrastructure. Right now, live concerts are held either in Eko Hotel or Landmark and neither of these locations are really fit for concerts – generally speaking.

Artists also need to find how to monetize by synergising the power that live music has with the availability of platforms that create opportunities for them to meet with consumers directly.

Edi Lawani put a cap on the conversation, saying that the future of live music would be virtual and now is the time for artists to perfect the art.

Being Live is the highest level of artistry for an artist – Chin Okeke

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