Can Live Video transform African storytelling? Why is now the time for African storytellers to shine using live video?

CNN Africa’s session on How Live Video Can Transform African Storytelling provided answers to these questions and gave insight into the potential for live video on the continent as well as expert tips from some of Africa’s most innovative video content creators.

Here are 5 insights from the panel. And, oh, it was made into a Live Video on Facebook & Instagram!

Social Media has become the media in Africa: we couldn’t agree more with Stephanie Busari, supervising producer at CNN Africa. Social Media has grown to become the go-to source for news and information in Africa.

Live Video is empowering Africans: with live video, we are empowered to tell our own stories and control the narrative of Africa. In the words of Adetomiwa Aladekomo “Live video gives content creators the power to deliver content directly to global audiences.”

Brands can increase engagement with live video: “Live Video gives audiences the opportunity to participate in what you’re doing and it’s perfect tool for personal and corporate brands alike.” – Sisi Yemmie

Random videos are fun but have a strategy: “Every live video you create has to have a purpose and a clear vision. Make it educative, entertaining and not just random.” – Sisi Yemmie

Live video is changing Africa’s narrative: “Video has allowed Africans to let the world know we’re more than wars.” – Adetomiwa Aladekomo


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