In this age of social media, new women are constantly pushing themselves into the front lines with their activism, art, music and their work. The Nigerian society comes with its own misogyny with tends offer push back to the achievements and intent that the women. Women are often put down for being too opinionated with things like marriage and child rearing the only things women should aspire to.

In a panel discussion hosted by Purple NG, Tara Durotoye, Aisha Abubakar, Aisha Augie-Kuta and the CEO of Purple NG discussed how women can make social media work for them.

On Activism

There are three hacks on how women can use social media for activism.

  1. Sale of personalized benefits: A simple message of improving the quality of a persons personality and social equity is enough for a person to join a cause. Misogyny is ugly and by joining up to be a feminist and feminist ally can help change the disgusting culture where women are repressed.
  2. Who else has it worked for: Track record is key. People will work with something when other people they know have worked with that thing and have reaped benefits. Keeping records of people telling personal stories of their experiences and how they have improved can help get new people on board.
  3. Credibility of information source: Who you are as a person determines how well your message is picked up and how people will decide to commit to your cause. A controversial person is less likely to have people jump in and work with on a cause. The person lacks social integrity and that determines how new people will choose to interact with them.

On Art

Social media comes with the ability to make and mar a person. New artists can make it or can break on social media. Again, the permanence of the internet carefully articulates this point.

  1. New artists need to find their niche: A jack of all trades is almost always the master of none. In the competitive world, being the master of none might make an artist perceived as mediocre as other artists are specializing to improve on what they put out.
  2. Learn: LEARN! Tutorials are key, books are key, constant practice is key, Google is key.
  3. Hashtag: This is the easiest way to develop a corner for yourself on the internet.
  4. Mentors: A mentor is someone with superior knowledge or experience in a topic. Mentors are invaluable as a new artist can live through them and learn from their mistakes.

On Womanhood

Constant engagement is one way to to keep people interested. In times when womanhood might come in the way of an artist or activist working, social media is a very great bridge. New pictures, blog posts, mini projects whenever a woman can not really place all of her time in her new work can help retain relevance. The memory of the world today is short and the saying “Out of sight is out of mind” is true and relevant.

Sometimes there is a fear of backlash, of failure and this cripples people from going out to chase after their dreams. Social media might even portray an unfair standard of how life and work can be, so high that it’s intimidating. In times like that, people are scared and might not chase after their dreams. In that time, there are developmental agencies that help sell the confidence that the Nigerian educational system and Nigerian environment generally does not sell.

Purple NG is moving to help end violence against women, encourage leadership among women and encourage women in decision making. This gospel has been pushed fervently via social media and the impressions on their website are a testament that people are indeed listening and want to join the movement.

In Conclusion

Create a persona; one with integrity and one that isn’t ashamed to be passionate about her life and beliefs.

Ask questions.

Look for inspiration everywhere.

Tell stories.


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