A group of 30 senior executives and members of the international press listened attentively as SMWLagos Advisory Board member Claudine Moore delivered her highly-anticipated master class on Tuesday morning.

The first slide appropriately featured a famous Benjamin Franklin quotation: “It takes many good deeds to build a reputation and one bad one to lose it.”

As the founder and MD of New York based C. Moore Media International, Moore applied her international award-winning public relations experience to lead an exclusive session on how to leverage social media and communications strategies to raise one’s personal or corporation reputation. Introduced by sponsors AFK Insider–a one-stop-shop  for African business news–the masterclass aimed to provide practical and actionable tips.

“Google the name of the person to your left,” Moore instructed, swinging the interactive event into full gear by using real life case studies. A few minutes later, attendees were eagerly sharing the information that they had discovered online about their neighbor, including their website names, Google images and LinkedIn pages.

“We are living in an era where leveraging social media to enhance your reputation is the best platform in an age where people have access to a 24hr news cycle, and the ability to consume information at their fingertips anytime anywhere,” Moore previously wrote. “We also have the ability to share information at lightening speed, so it is important to shape and control your own story/reputation.”

Having the valuable information broken into comprehensible, bite-sized chunks allowed attendees to gain a better understanding of how they ought to prioritize the wealth of social media and content available at their fingertips.

Here are just a few of the of the many insights that Moore offered:

  • Buy and claim your domain name (ie. www.FemiKuti.com,) associated names and even your children’s name
  • Check major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing for your name and clean up your web presence using free online tools
  • Make your LinkedIn profile robust  and share content regularly
  • Create an elevator pitch and keep it consistent across all platforms
  • Set up ongoing monitoring alert systems, like Google Alert, and input different variations of your name and areas of interest
  • Launch a blog to publish content and showcase your unique perspective (to eventually become an influencer in your industry)
  • Develop a feedback loop with those you trust and evolve your personal brand

The audience took to Twitter to share tips and appreciation using the hashtag #smwreputation.

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Overall, Moore’s masterclass was a major success! Those interested in a copy of the masterclass should email C Moore Media at info@cmooremedia.com.

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