As Travel Africa Day nears, we’re excited to host new events such as our #Instawalk with Nigeria’s leading photographers as well as have the Hon Commissioner of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Lagos State present the keys to the city for travelers ready to explore Nigeria. Hon. Folorunsho Folarin-Coker, or Foli Coker, shares his excitement in participating in Travel Africa Day as well as the future of tourism in Nigeria in this message to visitors to the city.

At SMW Lagos Travel Africa Day I will be chair of the day and I’m looking forward to sharing my vision for the sector. We definitely don’t have all the answers but we have a clear mandate to drive the sector forward. I believe Social Media Week Lagos offers my team and I a major platform to engage an important community.

‘One Lagos’ is my brand for the city. One Lagos celebrates our unique identity and attitude but also our diversity. Lagos is a microcosm of Nigeria and I have friends  from all over the country who call Lagos home. We want visitors and residents alike to have a sense of ownership and to feel a part of what is happening.

The Hon. Commissioner, Wale and Wizkid

The Hon. Commissioner, Wale and Wizkid

I am looking forward to the week. I know I will learn a lot and I am looking forward to engaging and networking with Africans, Nigerians and foreigners. For all coming to Lagos, what I will say is come prepared to have a good time, from our beaches to our food, from the night life to restaurants, the choices on offer are only getting better and as far as hotels we have well over one thousand in Lagos, with plenty of options depending on your budget or choice. The Lagos state government has made a significant investment in internal security but most importantly I wish all travelers a safe journey. And if you happen to meet me please let me know what you love about Lagos. We have been receiving visitors here for over 500 years  and we always will receive visitors with great hospitality enshrined in our culture and unique art. We look forward to welcoming you.

We thank the Hon Commissioner for his time. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram.



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