There are principles that govern the state of mind and contribute to the happiness of an individual. These principles can be learned by forming the right habits and consciously taking steps to be a better person.

Mindset Principles for Joyful People was hosted by Spa Pampering at Home and it featured two speakers – Hauwa Ojeifo and Asia Esanwa. Hauwa Ojeifo is a Mind and Mental Health Coach whose personal experience with bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder motivated her to find answers about the human mind and she derives joy in helping others to do the same. Asia Esanwa is a life and business strategist who works with high achieving individuals to maximize their potential in career and business.

The focus of this session is the Offline Programming, which aims to encourage people to be mindful and stay off digital distractions. Some of the principles highlighted include setting your priorities right, staying focused in the present, don’t sweat the small stuff, take responsibility for your actions, and practicing self-discipline. Other helpful options are daily meditation, yoga exercise, relaxation therapy amongst others.

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