The New Marketing Mix – Followers, Influencers & Hashtags: Using Social Media to Promote Film & TV  event spotlighted creative and innovative ways to use social media to promote film and TV.

According to Biola Alabi Media, it is quite clear that social media is not just a passing trend, but also a game changer. From snaps, uploads and tweets, content producers in the know understand the importance of creating a buzz about a project. Strategic use of social media will generate enough buzz that will make everyone start to talk about your movie, even before your first day of the shoot! The magic of social media is that it connects fans directly with the film with little or no budget.

Although traditional media still works, movie and TV producers should begin to harness the power of social as it has a lot of potentials to amplify marketing efforts way beyond traditional media platforms. Social media should be seen as a business tool for driving sales as well as building communities and brands should begin to take a more strategic approach towards their communications on social media. For every production, a target audience needs to be determined which will, in turn, reflect on how social media is integrated into the marketing strategy. “Knowing the target audience is crucial and there has to be a well-defined strategy,” says Kene Mkparu.

So, are you a movie or TV producer looking to grow your fandom? Do you create exciting content to keep your audience captive? Take social media more seriously and begin to use a more strategic approach for promoting your content on social media.


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