Social Media Week is just over a month away. And, as the saying goes, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today—which is register for the events you’d like to attend!

That’s right, as of today, attendee registration is open.

Powered globally by Nokia, this year’s event explores the future of tech and social media for Africa with the theme A CONNECTED AFRICA IS THE FUTURE

This means we’ll be diving deep into how technology is developing across communities in Lagos and the continent at large. With over 100 events over the course of the week, we will explore social media technologies impact on music, food, banking, business and more this February. Social Media Week Lagos is Bigger, Bolder and Better Connected for 2014 so don’t miss the opportunity to take part.

We hope you’ll join us. Simply check out the schedule, filter according to your interests and goals, register for the events that pique your curiosity, and then share with your friends.

Sign up soon! Like a window seats on a crowded plane, spots won’t be open for long.



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