It’s that time of the year again when we take a lot of Christmas photos with friends and family – yes selfies too. Taking photos is just a necessary evil as what we really want to do is not to capture but share the moments through images.

Here are my 5 top photo-sharing apps you want to check out:


This is a special favourite and arguable the best photo-app in the market (at least for 2013). What many people don’t know is that Instagram never launched as a stand-alone app but one of the many feature in Burbn, alongside other functionalities such as check-in and messaging.


The founders just noticed most users only used the feature that allowed you take photos and filter them before publishing on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, so they ripped it out and Instagram was born.

Acquired by Facebook for $1billion, threatened by SnapChat, but survived with Instgaram Direct. This is one app every smartphone user should have especially since it’s nown available on Anroid, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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FrontBack App

photo 1Ever wanted to take a photo of yourself and what you are looking at in one picture? Well, that’s exactly what you get with FrontBack. The photo app allows you take a selfie and your view using your front and back camera respectively, all in one frame. Now you can share your expression at the sight of your next meal, like I did in the photo here.

The app allows you post your final output to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but only available for iOS devices.



This is perhaps the most talked about photo-app in 2013. The biggest news was the rejecting a $3 billion Facebook acquisition. No doubt Facebook saw SnapChat a big threat to Instagram. Why else would they offer thrice the acquisition value for Instagram.

Nonetheless, Instagram Direct seem to have nullified a big part of the threat, but before getting carried away, here’s what the app does.

SnapChat allows users send photos to mobile contacts, with an added ability to set how long the photo can be viewed for. This means you can literally send a photo that is then deleted from the recipients device (except they take a screen grab).



The second coming of Path looked brighter with lots of celebrities and smartphone – Android and iOS, and the ‘Find me on Path‘ phrase trended for a bit, but the buzz seems to have fizzled out. Defined as a private social networking app, Path allows you share photos and videos with a number of filters to a users you’ve selected to follow you. The app also allows you post quotes, status, and check-in.

I did use path at its first coming, as well as its second which is of a better user experience but I’ve gotten tired of it and await its third.


pinterest121It’s as simple as pinning photos of interest on an online board for people to view, like, share and re-pin. Pinterest allows you manage photographs by categorizing them into different boards. So you have one board for all the cakes you try out this Christmas and another for photos of people in Christmas jumpers.

The mobile experience is quite good and one outstanding value of Pinterest is that it also serves as an image repository, so you can easily go back to view photos and share to other social networks including Twitter Facebook.

Quick Tip: SportsCabal seem to be doing a good job with Pinterest.

 Merry Christmas everybody and feel free to share other photo-sharing apps you know.

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