A lot of things have changed since social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Yahoo and Google+ became a part of our lifestyle. Aside from managing  personal accounts every business owner these days wants to be the star of their social media platform of choice.

1.According to a recent study social media platforms now have a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. These days business owners dedicate more time and resources to online marketing. This leads to insightful conversation with consumers, followers and friends and helps to spark the buzz for their products. Some business owners find it more helpful engaging potential and established costumers online.


2. In my experience, business owners give excellent customer service online. I have had different experiences from corporate brands and they attend to me very well. I have complained to teleco companies, food companies and many others online and the real-time response I get from them is up to standard. It is more or less like going to the nearest customer service point in Lagos to lay your complaints whereas I can achieve this on the go by talking to these companies via their social media platforms. Social media is reshaping the way business is done. My advice: Re-evaluate your business strategies by embracing new media.


3. Who does not want something free? Especially from a reputable company. Savvy business owners are using social media platforms to increase customer engagement and interaction by increasing loyalty reward programmes. People want to participate in promotions, they want to win free tickets to watch movies at the cinema, and they want to win recharge cards. With these constant activities going on via social media every day, it drums more brand awareness, increases brand loyalty and attracts new consumers.


4. Social media gives you insightful information on what people are saying about your brand, and analytics help you gather useful information about the people you’re engaging through your social media platforms. These are vital statistics that will help your business strategy. From a user experience: I used analytics to discover that the demographic of people I engage everyday on Twitter and Facebook page are from 13 – 65 years old. The most effective people online are between the age 18 – 45years. This information lets me know who I should be targeting and how my brand is performing online.


5. Give it all your best to retain customers and attract new customers. Every brand should aim high. Always keep the customers you have and tell them to tell their friends about you too. Share positive updates on Twitter and Facebook. Be careful with your online reputation. News spreads online like wildfire.


6. This bring me to my next point. Brands should be conscious of how they communicate online. Once a brand goes bad online, some find it difficult to get their image back while others (like Celebrities) find it very easy to get their image back.


7. Use an online service like Monkey Survey and create your own poll to discover what your customers really think or have to say about your brand. Don’t be biased with the questions. Be true with yourself if you really want your brand bigger and better. You will get your results online in no time. With that, you will know where you stand.


8. Internet users spend 22.5% of their online time social networking – This is where brands and business owners can come in and push their business, products and services to people online. Social media is changing the world, let it change your business too. We are all strangers online that is why building a relationship with your fans and followers is very important. This is how businesses grow and expand online.


9. Be ready to answer ALL questions about the brand you are pushing. The reason is because you are talking to strangers who don’t know you or your product. Tell people more about your business and remember your goal is to gain new customers, readers and client. This should be a part of your daily social media strategy. Like i mentioned earlier, there are critics online so be ready to stand and defend your brand.


10. There are still big brands in Nigeria who are scared of applying social media to their business strategy. Well, 2013 is here, a lot of things are going to change too.


Why not start the change now before it is too late. Social media is taking over the world and I am proud to be a Social Media marketer because it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


Oluwatosin Ajibade also known as OloriSupergal is an Influential blogger, social media marketer and one of the lead Nigerian digital entertainment and fashion news/blog brands. Find her on Twitter, talking and sharing all things Naija @OloriSupergal

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