Technology has helped drive tourism in Africa. However, we are moving to a phase where there is a need for travelers to be served individually with services tailored to their preferences to create a better traveling experience all together.

We currently have systems in place that are helping to drive the possibilities of providing more tailored experiences for travelers. However, the onus is on we the people, to make things better. We need to provide Africans with what the African needs and this is as true for the tech services that drive the experiences to the services being provided.

Also, we need to drive tourism in Nigeria and this can only be done by controlling our narratives online. Our narratives project us to the world, so the more positively skewed they are the better tourism experience.

We also found that there are a lot of opportunities around the tourism sector in Nigeria especially around creating a platform that provides an orientation on what to expect and experience from travel experiences in order to manage their expectations.

The real goal is to provide ways to cater to African travelers’ needs regardless of where they travel within the continent, before they embark on their trip.

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