Troyka took over the Masterclass Suite at Social Media Week and gave a glimpse into their new techniques in advertising and marketing.

Advertising is finally moving away from being a post-production event to being a part of the manufacturing process. This is because there are so many unmarketable products.

The future of advertising is human centered design. This helps the brands that are selling solve real problems with their products. The world is moving from ostentatious products and with the declining economy in Nigeria, consumers are no longer making use of ambiguous products. This presents a need for the advertising and/or marketing departments in the beginning of the production process.

For a product to be marketable, it has to be an experience on its own. For customers to get interested in that experience, the company must develop a reputation to it, it must have developed an integrity to it.

The future of advertising is conservational interfaces. The future of advertising has people getting into brands and products because of the sentiments that the products are able to touch on. Humans have developed past catchy songs to actually needing tools to solve their problems. The future of products is the decline in features in technology and shifts towards ideologies.

The future of advertising is bright. Humans are leveling the playing field and raising the bar. The new stories that will be told around products will make for an immersive experience that will be fulfilling and rewarding for the storytellers.

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