Are you looking to create videos for your brand? In this session attendees learnt how to script, film and edit basic videos like client testimonials and ‘about us’ videos that can be hosted on their website or on their social media platforms.

Here are some of the most important factors you must consider when producing your next video:

  • The story: Stories are memorable, what story do you want to tell?
  • The duration: Who are you creating for? Would they prefer short 60 second videos or long 30 minutes videos?
  • The message: Have you articulated your message into a script or flow so your video follows a sequence?
  • The style: This should be dictated by your purpose. The style for a makeup video will definitely be different from that of a comedy video.
  • The camera angles: Be sure to choose great camera angles that make viewing enjoyable.
  • The creative elements: Are you including background music, animation, or effects?
  • The call to action: Are you creating a video in order to sell a product or service? Include a call to action so viewers remember to buy what you are selling or follow your channel for more updates.

Before you create your own videos, watch videos from other creators for inspiration. Do not be afraid to use what you have at your disposal. No one knows what kind of camera was used to film when they watch a video online. You can also try recording audio separately so as not to capture ambient noise and for clearer audio. Position your subject next to soft window light if you don’t have video lights.

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