Guest Post:  The Seven Immersive Wonders Of SMW Lagos 2017

By Kelvin Ibrahim


Besides the plethora of workshops, panels and parties at SMW Lagos this year, attendees can journey through riveting experiences before they even take their seat at the next event. The Interactive Pavilion, just past the registration desk, is a way for attendees to engage with brands and companies in a fun way. The area is filled with freebies, games, and even a photo booth to take the coveted selfie. Let’s walk through some of the amazing experiences and stands that await you.


  1. The Purple Stand

With a unique name, you never know what to expect as you make your way to the stand. Purple, the company wants people to think of gender equality in a fun and enlightening way. How purple ae you? Answer 7 questions at the Purple stand to find out how you can re-imagine gender equality and how accommodating you are. After you take the quiz, there a chance to win awesome prizes and head to their photo booth.

  1. First Bank

First Bank is trying to create awareness of it’s brand on social media and the loads of ease customers can experience banking with them. At their stand people have an opportunity to play games and give answers to few questions about First bank and stand a chance of winning consolations prices.

  1. Your Excellency

A new game app that is setup to bring youths to experience leadership positions by them assuming positions of leadership to test their leadership capabilities.

  1. GE

GE is introducing its 3D printers to the market, this printer helps to recreate items such as broken parts.  human body organs and manufacturing specific product designs for clients. Such as having to replace a little broken part of your item, with the huge cost of importing it from abroad. GE, with the 3D printer, can get it replaced in no time.

     5. Trace

Trace is here to interact with guests and artistes. Everyday one artiste visits the stand and people have the opportunity of meeting up close with them. Also upcoming artistes can submit their videos to have their songs aired on the channel.

  1. Ryno

Latest Taxi app, with no stress at all. Cheaper fares, reliable, no cancellation fees or surcharges.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is getting people to experience their various products on display at the stand. This includes a sketch competition on the monitor in which individuals draw a selected picture.



Guest Post:  The Seven Immersive Wonders Of SMW Lagos 2017

By Kelvin Ibrahim

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