In a continent “a billion strong” we understand that our collective capacity will have a huge impact on society beyond our various countries borders. Technology fuels this shift but it’s the networked African in the driver seat. How we harness technology and leverage our individual connectivity will determine Africa’s future and recontextualize the continent’s influence globally.

Networked african

Informed by Social Media Week’s Global theme for 2016, locally the SMW Lagos theme, “The Networked African: Technology’s Impact on Africa (and How We Can Harness it for Good),” will explore how mobile technology, networked connectivity, data and other technologies are radically changing our daily interactions, industries and communities across Africa.

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Here’s how you can get involved with SMW Lagos:
Submit an event! Social Media Week is all about collaboration! We look to thought leaders like YOU to share your insights and expertise. Please keep in mind we get hundreds of event proposal submissions, however the SMW Lagos Campus can only accommodate 20% of the submissions received. The proposal review process will be very rigorous. To increase the chances of your proposal being accepted:

  1. Take the time to prepare your proposal.
  2. Ensure your idea is inline with our 2016 theme.
  3. Confirm all the details of your event.
  4. Fill out the submission form in it’s entirety. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Event submission closes on the 9th of December.

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