“Closer” will explore the intensifying conflict between community and individualism. The conversation will bring together a diversity of perspectives to discuss the most productive ways to harness these forces to drive innovation, improve consumer experiences and bring people together.

As Africans we know sharing our stories is important, we also know that we can do more together. Striking a balance is key. SMW Lagos will look at how our individual stories, experiences and competencies contribute to the whole. Investing in people and fueling their ideas gives them the capacity to do more. We understand that it takes a village, but we also know that every member of a community must add value for it to truly prosper.

SMW Lagos 2018 programming will in part focus on how technology drives individualism, while also looking at how platforms and apps bring people “closer” and foster community. As Africa moves rapidly towards digitization across sectors, we must ensure people remain a part of the equation. Inclusion is of the utmost importance our prosperity as a continent depends on it.

Equally as important is including as many voices and perspectives in this dialogue. That being said we invite the African and global community to join the conversation at #smwlagos 2018.

SMW Lagos takes place the 26th February – 2nd March, 2018.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Become an event partner. Submit a session proposal.
  2. Become a brand partner. Your brand takes centerstage at Africa’s largest tech and innovation event. More details here.
  3. Showcase your startup. Apply to be 1 of 16 early stage startups included in the #launchedinafrica installation. Apply here.
  4. Attend the conference. Event registration opens on the 17th of November.

For more info on SMW Lagos 2018, please download our ‘2018 Overview Brochure.”

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