Since our inception, Social Media Week Lagos has generated a great deal of success stories! This year  was no different. This February several hundred innovators in every arena from music production to app development converged onto joined together to make a major splash! Unforeseen connections and opportunities abounded for everyone from our event partners, attendees and even the organizers!

We’re going to share a great story from event partner, Alpha&Jam!

It was a great afternoon on February 20, 2014 at the SMWLagos hub at Terra Kulture when Alpha&Jam, one of Nigeria’s leading digital marketing agencies, held the “Gamifications and Its Impact on Delivering Wonderful Campaign Results session. It actually was a very insightful event. Not only did event attendees take away from the session but so did Alpha & Jam! As it turns out one of the attendees of the event was none other than the Chief Marketing Executive for one of Nigeria’s most beloved brands – Indomie Noodles!

Fast forward some five months later, the Indomie brand is pushing the limits of engagement with kids using various forms of technology, this time taking the gamification approach working in partnership  with Alpha&Jam!

Alpha&Jam and Indomie have partnered to launch the “Indomie Chaser” game featuring the Indomitables characters. The game is currently available on Google Play, via Facebook and will soon be available on iOS in the App Store.

The game drives gentle competition between friends, as players can send game request to Facebook friends inviting them to play the game and also challenging them to beat their own score as each user’s score is auto-shared on via the newsfeed feature.

“Indomie Chaser” is an adventure-themed game where players “run” to catch as many noodles as they can, get the letters  I-N-D-O-M-I-E to proceed to the next level and avoid various obstacles on their path. In the 21-level game, players deliver noodles from one particular location along the Lagos road system to the next as it tasks. Players can also call on their favorite Indomitables Character for help along their path.

Indomie Chaser Running

Indomie is putting the full brunt of its marketing force behind supporting consumers to download the game with special codes featured on almost all packs now in-store.

“I am really happy to see that a brand has really come to understand the full potential of a gamifcation based campaign! What Indomie has succeeded in doing is to creatively infuse the brand, its assets (THE INDOMITABLES) and the consumer in an engaging and viral manner,” explained  Samuel Ajiboye, Nigeria Country Manager for Alpha&Jam.

The game is estimated to deliver a whooping 68.4million game play impressions over the next three months!

Check out the awesome game trailer!


Do you have a similar success story based on a connection you made at Social Media Week Lagos? We’d love to hear it! E-mail your story to niama(at)societyhae DOT com!

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