After joining the morning wellness meditation, our audience had some coffee, networked before the start of the day’s events. Here are some highlights from our day. If you would like to see what happened in Day 2 of #SMWLagos do click through. 

The Rise of Blockchain Technology in agriculture and food supply 

It started with Andrew Nevin giving an insightful introduction into how blockchain technology can be used to simplify the whole agriculture business and food supply. As the demand for consumer participation increased in this sector, agrotech solutions like Farmcrowdy have risen to the occasion. But still, with blockchain, more can be achieved from having transparency on all level from simplified payments solutions to connecting buyers, infrastructure, insurance, and many more. 

This way money, time, efforts can be saved through collective participation. Having more government participation in this technology would help establish it and increase its contribution to the economy of the country. 


Up Hit Creek: The Dry streams paradox

This panel session was anchored by Simi Adejumo OAP Beats 99.9FM which explored the paradox in music streaming. The panellists advised artists to first build their audiences on the platforms they are present. Then they should continually build this relationship by posting relevant contents which resonate with the audience. Addy Awofisayo YouTube Content Partnerships, SSA, YouTube emphasised the need to put yourself out there for the audience who constantly get triggered to search more about an artist once they are taken with the music. 

Another way to have music streamed is when seasoned music curators create banging playlists for the audience to consume. A tip was given for content producers to use YouTube Analytics by going through the available demographics on each upload to measure visibility, relevance and how to improve. 


Nxtfilms Shorts programme 1: African Animation

In circles animations are discussed and loved, you hear the likes of Frozen, Naruto which are representations of other cultures but not our African roots. This area of entertainment is yet to be explored in Africa especially Nigeria due to its cost of production. These innovative animators have dared to challenge the status quo, create our African Heros relatable to both young and old alike for entertainment and teaching morals. The following short films were screened at Filmhouse Landmark Centre using the MX 4D theatre without the effects sadly. But then remember little beginnings usually lead to great outcomes. 

Below were the short animations screened with links to catch up with:

Film Title: Tejumade

Director: Adebimpe Adebambo

Country: Nigeria


Film Title: Malika

Director: Roye Okupe

Country: Nigeria/ USA


Film Title: Water Wahala

Director: Brian Wilson

Country: Nigeria


Film Title: New Africa La Demo

Director: Yvan Dassie

Country: Cameroon


Film Title: A Kalabanda Ate My Homework

Director: Raymond Malinga

Country: Uganda

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