The panel moderators, panellists, instructors and our avid attendees exuded a level of energy we love. Throughout Day 1, discussions revolved around the Human.X which portrays the experiences of individuals and its improvement.

User Experience VS Content: How Can The Media Help Deliver On Both?

Discussions revolved around creating content for audiences, how feedback can be gathered and analysed. Then the role of media in delivering and sharing these contents was explored. Jocelyn Muhutu-Remy Strategic Media Partnerships: Sub-Saharan Africa, Facebook Africa advised to invest in branded contents which yield useful analytics for growth hacking. Adetutu Laditan, Product Marketing Manager Google on optimising your sites SEO- put up relevant information on your website, use paid speed insight tool to get analytics from website activities. Tomiwa Aladekomo, CEO Big Cabal Media admonished everyone to make use of simple call to action in every content to drive engagement. Always look inwards and around for inspiration and stories that aren’t being told said Bolaji Alausa Executive Creative Director of Noah’s Ark.

My history- My African Roots 

African history had a unique way of being told vocally through tales carried from one generation to another. This then became distorted with time after which the narrative changed. In order not to lose the values in our history, this generation has to learn it through the medium they can easily relate with. From the creation of African hero and heroines of present days to documenting such history in comics and online series. 

Growing Audiences In a competitive Digital Space 

When broadcasting, writing for print, engaging audiences in vox pops create them in local languages. Practitioners always have to remember to build trust this validates content for its originality and authenticity. To determine the content to share at times carry out an A/B testing which can be moving around the articles on the website. 

Whatever you do, take time out to visit us tomorrow for some captivating sessions and entertaining moments at our sister event AfricaNXT.

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