Photographer Delphine Fawundu in collaboration with the Ovie Brume Foundation launched a youth photography workshop as a featured event during the Africa’s first Social Media Week in Lagos, Nigeria.  Nokia generously provided the youths ages 10-18 the opportunity to use the Lumia 920 mobile phones as their documentary tool in this dynamic workshop.    On Wednesday, February 24th, Ms. Fawundu, facilitated the engaging workshop in which the young Lagosians learned about documentary photography, how to use the Lumia’s and started thinking of projects of their own.  They were then challenged to use Thursday and Friday to produce works of their own.  On Friday, when the group reconvened, they participated in one on one conferences with Ms. Fawundu to discuss and develop their long term projects.

Over the next year, Ms. Fawundu will facilitate the workshop via social media from her base in Brooklyn, NY.   Through the collaboration  with the Ovie Brume Foundation’s Special Projects Manager Christal Ogene, students will upload photos taken with their Lumia 920 to their Skydrive accounts on a weekly basis.  Ms. Fawundu will then access their photos and offer critiques and suggestions for the next week of shooting.  Photos will be posted on this blog, twitter and Nokia Nigeria’s Facebook.  We are all excited to see how this project will progress. Check out the blog at


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