Social Media Week Lagos 2020 started fully yesterday with a performance from NYSC band members. We had panellists, workshops and display stand all for our audience to learn and relearn for the next level. If you missed these two days, you can look through yesterday’s review here. It is not too late to pick up your campus badge on Wednesday Day 3 at the registration area for full access to all events.

We have a few sessions roundup below to help you experience the event’s energy while preparing you for tomorrow’s events.

Delighting Your Customers And Improving Their Experience Using AR/VR

Virtual reality has evolved over the years to include product experience for buyers to try out items just by simulation. This is made possible when the audio and visual experience is optimised for customers to view products on self which makes the buyer’s journey faster. 

Solutions like blank debit cards which can be activated by a VR scan has surely proved the ability of AR to reimagine security. Here the card numbers, CVV code are kept safe.  

While in Journalism, the audience can experience content firsthand through AR/VR which is the next level for reporting and ensuring the right message is conveyed. 

Inclusive Development

The dilemma of development not being widespread in our society has driven several untrue stereotypes on some professions in Nigeria. This is evident amongst school children who have come to associate skilled labour as a derogatory profession to aspire to. These skilled workers have to be included in the continuous growth evident in other sectors. This can be achieved when the government sets a minimum standard for skilled workers to follow, continuously upskill them for meaning results.

S.E.E AFRICA, Discover The World: Maximise Your Green Passport

Travelling is the best mind shift anyone can aspire to acquire due to its ability to open up one’s imagination and best experiences. Nigeria’s passport being one of the weakest in the world can be built up through visiting Visa-Free countries for Nigerians. Also look out for countries with Visa on arrival policy for Nigerians, this way Nigerian travelers get the much needed travel history. Countries like Kenya, Cape Verde, Senegal, Morocco were highlighted for their ease and numerous activities to engage in when visiting. 

Travel tips included:

  1. Do not book flights during major family holidays.
  2. Spread out your accommodation through out a city to experience its different sides. 
  3. Best time to travel for professionals is March, October, and November due to cheap rates.
  4. Changing little money at a time helps with keeping track of spending. 

These are just a few of the workshops and masterclasses that held today at #SMWLagos 2020. Follow our schedule here to know what we have for the rest of the week.

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