We love sharing the great stories of our participants’ #SMWLagosExperiences and insights from the event. This time we caught up with the awesome Ized Uanikhehi!

Ized is a Lagos-based social media manager. For years she has trained corporate teams on effective use of social media for businesses, covered live events via Twitter and Facebook and developed social media plans and content for businesses all over Nigeria. She tweets as @zegbua and blogs at www.izegbuwa.wordpress.com. She is an executive member of adoptAtweep™, and a Managing Partner and online researcher at Resourcedat.com, Nigeria’s only document repository website. A clean climate enthusiast, Ized has been working to get the public to work toward a #LitterFreeNigeria is possible if we all only #JustBinIt.

This is what Ized shared about her experience at SMW Lagos 2014:

“I knew I had to attend the 2014 SMWLagos! I was in Abuja. Business was at an all-time low, I was a new media enthusiast and it was hard to convince a town mostly full of Government contractors and workers to get into the social media groove. The few business available was “groveled” by the growing number of Social Media Managers,. What better place to go to than where all the Social Media business people and clients and NETWORK!!! Would gather? I registered back to back every day for all the events, armed with business cards and my “super network mode” smile. I got into town two days early, found myself a location with family not so far from main event venue. The whole week was amazing!!! I met a lot of folks: the IJGB (I Just Got Backs), the new Media Cool Kids, traditional media folks, real estate executives, everybody really, but more importantly clients!
My God! It was awesome! I learnt so much, networked like my life depended on it (and it did) signed up my first 5 – YES, FIVE! – new clients from several networking sessions. I was approached at the Nokia Maggi event by my current biggest client, they saw my tweets at the event, it was so good, I decided there and then to move to Lagos.

I am in Lagos now, and the best gift I gave myself and my business this year was being at the SMWLagos,  it keeps giving, I have a batch of cards, friends and connects I met at the event and I keep getting calls that start with “Hey! We meet at SMWLagos,at ….event, can you…” It was truly, truly amazing! good thing is I do a good job, I get referrals and business keeps getting better.”


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