Thanks to everyone who participated in #SMWPhotoLagos on Instagram. The hashtag gathered an array of snapshots of LasGidi. Pro shutterbug Lola Akinmade Åkerström curated the best selects. Take a scroll through our #SMWPhotoLagos top picks below with a comment from Lola as to why they were chosen.

*Photos have been edited for size. Please check out the photographer’s Instagram account to see images in their entirety*



Here’s my favorite so far because the masquerade was caught in the air in mid action which required some patience and anticipation on the part of the photographer

Photo by @netnolly



Besides it being a stunning tattoo that immediately catches your attention, I love the candidness of the whole scene.

Photo by @netnolly



The church is a well known landmark in Lagos but what I like about this photo is that the photographer is showing everyday life and how locals move around this landmark by not making it the main focus in the shot.

Photo by @0sahon



Love the timeless quality of this photo – the sepia tone over a skyline we all know so well in Lagos.

Photo by @ayomidejoe



I love the composition in terms of incorporating the resting man into the scene which makes for a more interesting shot. The photographer may have noticed that the masks are actually acting like leading lines all pointing downwards towards the man and they help naturally guide our eyes downwards to notice him.

Photo by @nisandy_



While I’m not a fan of single color processing in black & white images, I like the composition of this shot as well as the dancer’s preparatory body language. Love the connection the photographer made with the dancer.

Photo by @ckknightphoto



While the composition could be stronger with a wider lens, I love the simplicity of this slice-of-daily-life photo of the guys flying a kite.

Photo by @ayomidejoe


This isn’t a view we see often of Lagos on the global stage with beautiful blues and clean sandy beaches so I’m picking this shot so others can see this side of vibrant Lagos as well.

Photo by @rukevwetoka



The composition would have been stronger if there wasn’t anyone behind her on the left but she’s totally killing it with her gorgeous hairdo and who doesn’t love cupcakes?! I also like the cool filter tone applied to the photo.
Happy Social Media Week Lagos!!

Photo by @emerhi


Thanks Lola for curating this list!

Lola Akinmade Åkerström  is a photographer, writer and artist. Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure, The Guardian as well as other outlets.


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