8296_10151726680670009_972108802_nWhen you have Mari Smith (Facebook Expert), and Gary Vaynerchuk of Vayner Media throw  a social media hangout, no doubt something awesome is going to come out of it. No surprise Gary took the opportunity to share about his new book: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right HookHow To Tell Your Story In A Noisy World.

For better understanding of the article, the terms below are needed:

Jab: This is where you create and give value to prospects, users, customers, and other stakehoders
Right Hook: This where you ask for payment, money, etc.

It’s truly a noisy world and every business and brand have to be proactive and knowledgeable on how to use social media

1. Respect The Platforms but Be Yourself

While your aim is to build your brand online using social media tools, you have to take time to understand the platform – how it works – and then see if you are able to use it. You can not take one method on one platform like Facebook and apply the same to another like Pinterest. Bottom line is know your brand and see how to best use the platforms available out there.

2. Jabs – Put out content that gives people Value

Always take out time to create value for customers and even just prospects. Never get tired of doing so as that’s doing business the right way. This only gives you the permission to ask people to buy or pay for your service – right hooks. The more the jabs (value offered) the more the social equity you also have with different stakeholders.

3. Don’t mix the Jabs With the Right Hooks

That said, don’t jab half-way thinking of the right hooks. Give pure jabs, as this is you paying forward and building relationships. Half-jabs can be sensed from a mile away and only leaves you with a shaky reputation. Don’t go linking your Throwback Thursday posts with link to sell your product. Just share cool, funny, interesting posts, and get people engaged, and when it’s time to make a sale, sell and people will respect you in return.

Every business is a media business. The quicker they realise that, the quicker they’d have success – @GaryVee

4. Quality of your product is inversely proportional to the number of Jabs

The quality of your brand, product, or service also matters. Invest time and resource in the quality of your stuff as this reduces the number of jabs you’ll need to give before asking with right hook.

5. Take the right hooks as often as possible. It’s business

Never fall into the trap of dishing out jabs as a business. It’s all about the right hooks – making a sale, adding a new paying customer, subscriber, and increasing your profit margin. The jabs are only a build up to the right hooks , so with every opportunity to give the right hook, step up and take it.

[VIDEO] The 60 minutes hangout can be found here.

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