Social Media Week Johannesburg got off to a banging start with the introduction to the first ever Social Media week to be held in South Africa, and what better city to have the event other than Johannesburg – a place full of diversity, richness in culture and of course home to the most young, hip and happening trendsetter in the country.

Chris Doherty, Associate Professor at the Wits School of Digital Arts, opened by welcoming everyone to the venue. Professor Doherty went on to explain the importance of digital media in this moment we are in both on the African continent and globally; he went on note that Social Media Week Johannesburg is the first event of its kind in the country signifiying the city’s pre-eminence in the move of toward a more digitised South Africa. The message was further relayed by IT expert Molly Mokoena who said that there would be Wi-Fi spots at the various bus terminals and around the city.

Anne Shongwe also spoke on the importance of knowing that we are all connected  anywhere, everywhere.


Stay tuned for daily updates on the Social Media Week Johannesburg


Siya Moringe is a South African filmmaker, visual artist, activist, creative writer, and aspiring journalist

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