If you’ve ever wondered how to make extra money, the Tales From The Field: Sharing Our Side Hustle Experiences meet up was the place to be during #SMWLagos 2019.

Attendees got to learn how to transition from a 9-5 to being full-time entrepreneurs. Some even got ideas for new businesses and investments to look out for. Others learned how to balance having day job and a side gig.

If you missed the meet up, here are five takeaways to help you up your side hustle:


  1. Have a system in place first. Test the market, source for customers that would love to have your products, and then go ahead to make an inventory of products to stock.


  1. Build your customer avatar, or a profile of your ideal customer.  Know your avatar’s gender, what sites they visit online, which device they use to browse the internet and other preferences. This research will help you figure out how to target them during marketing.


  1. Be consistent with branding.  Ensure your business is well represented online and off. Consistency can help customers find your product relatable and approachable.


  1. Get paid. When making the decision to transition from having a job to being a full-time entrepreneur, make sure your business can pay your monthly salary. This guarantees your financial future.


  1. Be truthful. Give customers realistic expected dates of delivery of goods or services to maintain their trust in you.

Whatever your entrepreneurial path, always make sure you keep it moving, and invest in your professional development. Let people around you know what you do, perfect your elevator pitch and keep your eye out for opportunities.

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