It’s the last day of the year 2012, and perhaps the best time to take a look at the Facebook Landscape in Nigeria one more time. Yes, I had previously done so about 10 days ago, with hopes that there would not be any major changes, and maybe the changes are not major, nonetheless, some are worth highlighting.

So where were we 10 days ago?

At the time there were 6,794,860 Nigerians on Facebook,  now it’s at 6,325,520 but still maintaining the position of 31st largest country to be on the social network. The Facebook penetration on the population is now at 4.11%,  less than 1/3 of the  online penetration standing at 14.04%. However, I am still of the opinion that with the Facebook mobile experience getting better, one can only except an increase over a short time.


Not to worry, I would not be repeating a look at where different brands, celebrities, politicians, and others stand, as that can be found in my previous review, and updated stats here; instead I will be taking a dive into how the Top brands and pages behave to stay at the top of the table.

Looking at the Table of Pages below it shows Pastor E. A. Adeboye still taking the lead and short of less than 20,000 fans to hit the 1 million mark. GTBank is closing in fast having crossed the 900,000 fan mark, and the order remains with MTN LoadedNG, TB Joshua Ministries, and Don Jazzy following suit. However, a dive in shows how the position of these pages differ when it comes to a critical variable – Engagement Rate (ER). Pastor E.A. Adeboye still takes the #1 spot with 2.669%, leaving MTN LoadedNG to come in way behind at 0.235%, yet ahead of GTBank (0.157%).

How does one calculate Engagement Rate (ER):

ER = (Total No. of Comment * Total No. of Likes * Total No. of Shares) / Total No. of Post

Perhaps a look at the Table of Brands gives better insight. From the table below, GTBank tops the table, but when it comes to ER, #4 Nokia Nigeria seem to performing best with a 0.271%, followed by MTN Reloaded NG (0.235%), and then GTBank (0.157%).

What’s the takeaway?

It may be more important to have a small Facebook community that is well engaged with, as compared to a big one with little or no engagement. From the above equation, the major determinant for ER is the post made on these pages – as that determines how many comments, likes, and shares they’d attract. From a look at Nokia’s page a lot of video, and photo updates that call for fans to comment, share, and even like are posted on a daily basis – little wonder the ER is highest when compared to other brands.

The Nigerian Facebook landscape once again has been a pretty interesting one. Time to look forward to 2013, when online penetration increases, and in turn Facebook penetration, and hoping to see more Facebook driven social activity that are very much engaging.

[Stats via SocialBakers]

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